Brief Introduction
The School of Communication and Design was founded in 2003. Ms. Shuli Hu, a veteran journalist well-known both at home and abroad, was appointed dean of the school in December 2009. With a strong and well thought out strategy for enhancing both Communications research and journalistic practice , the school focuses on new media, where students and faculty explore specializations such as Media Convergence, Business and Financial Reporting, Public Communication, Political Communication, Visual Communication, Creative Media and Interactive Design.

The school’s three departments, Journalism, Public Communication and Creative Media Design serve both undergraduate and graduate students and offer courses leading toward degrees in Journalism, Communication, Art of Design, and Publication Communication Management.

The School’s Media Convergence Institute, established in December, 2010, is led by Honorary President Zhongdang Pan, a noted communication scholar, and also professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States. The institute offers five research areas: Business and Financial Reporting, Omni-Media Research, Public Communication Research, Visual News and Media Design, Interactive Design.

The School of Communication and Design is also the first university in China to establish a Civil Communication Research Center.

The intent of the School of Communication and Design is to offer comprehensive training to students that combines both theory and practice. We seek to enhance students’ competitiveness in the employment market by combining practical, hands-on experience, especially in the field of new media.

Our school enjoys strong, experienced and varied faculty, 95% of whom have Ph.D.degrees, and many of them having overseas learning experiences in the UK, the U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.

In order to keep in close touch with a fast-changing media industry, and to better integrate the classroom with the workroom, we’ve initiated a series of programs, including the Southern Metropolis Daily Visiting Scholar Program, which invites domestic well-known communication scholars to teach at the school as visiting scholars; Overseas Visiting Scholar in Communication Program, which invites young scholars overseas to share with students cutting-edge research and technology. We regularly invite key media professionals for lectures, seminars and discussion panels. For instance, Advanced Business and Economics Reporting is taught jointly by senior journalists from Caixin, China’s award-winning financial media company, while Analysis of Excellent Urban News: Case Studies is taught by a group of journalists from Southern Metropolis Daily.

With the aim of providing a world view of today’s journalism and communications practices, we maintain steady and robust cooperation with both communication schools and media agencies overseas: Columbia Journalism School adjunct professor Alan Haburchak recently taught multi-media courses; Newsweek International former executive editor Ron Javers explored with students the frontiers of the American media industry; President of Society for News Design, China, Lily Lu shared the latest design trends.

At present, the school has established academic communication and cooperation mechanisms with universities from the U.S., the UK, France, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong. Students can apply to exchange programs to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S. They can also participate in internships in Washington, DC, visits to the University of Southern California, and summer courses at National Chengchi University of Taiwan.